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February 07, 2013



And 30 years since first Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp started.

Susan Jamison

Pam, thank you for this inspired piece of writing. When I was a child I wasn't too happy being both a Scorpion and a Snake, as a woman I see the power in those symbols. And witches have indeed been calling me this year.


...And I just noticed that this is my 1300th post. WHOA. Magick is afoot.

Robin Rose Bennett

Absolutely gorgeous Pam!!! And yes, inspiring and empowering with the ring of truth and beauty, love the examples of synchronicity....blessed be!


Thank you, Robin! High praise indeed coming from you. XOXO

Justin Patrick Moore

Thanks for rounding all this up Pam. Fascinating connections and synchronicities.


Thanks for the male attendee shout out! I've felt more magical awareness ever since your class.


And DUH, just realized the team that won said Super Bowl were the Ravens - the witchiest team in the NFL.


I've been feeling this too. The gods are nudging us, or whacking us over the head with a newspaper as the case may be. Thanks for the lovely article.


Beautiful, thought provoking, on point, delicious witchy wisdom. Thank you for collaborating those thoughts and sharing them! In times of trying to own ones power and step into ones own magical place and feel alive and present and purposeful, it's quite the inspiration to experience others owning it and vibrating it. Lovely! So grateful for these healing circles that grow ever so subtly but powerfully and magically.


Love this idea. I hope its a sign that my book on Ancient Goddess culture will get published this year! Thanks for your synchronicity.


It's wonderful to read about how others are picking up on this witchly current as well. Thanks so much for sharing your own perspectives, and for your kind words.

Timothy McCown Reynolds

Deep meditation, Greatwoman :)
As a male Serpent('65)and Witch (Since memory), I can only agree with what you have said here, and I will most certainly take to heart the blessing contained herein.
∞ ♥

Michael Hatt

This is the 700th year of the birth of Aradia (8/13/1313.) She is the Beautiful Pilgrim of Stregheria- Italian Witchcraft. As foretold, the Silent Prophet would make way for her return when Witchcraft was no longer outlawed. That occurred in 1951. We have entered the Age of the Daughter. The most significant attribute of this age is that, as Starhawk put it, it will be the time of Power With rather than Power Over. Hail Hecate Triformis!

Nine Cent Girl

Thank you for linking Everything together!! Love the blog btw... xxoo

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