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April 28, 2009


Appleby Mennym

I understand that a couple of illiterate, foul-mouthed brats have defaced this monument with misspelled filth. How intelligent do you have to be to know how to spell "is"?

There are videos on YouTube authored by a psychopathic teenager who threatens the rest of us in the name of 'Anonymous Patriot' ... showing the world that no matter how high we may reach in the world, we still will be encumbered by a trail of worthless eaters.

Hungry Hyaena

Why in the world are folks proclaiming these writings to be the work of "the AntiChrist"? The text is totally benign!

I suppose the mere mention of that poisonous concept reason (and the association with "that filthy little atheist" Tom Paine) are enough to blacklist any monument in the eyes of some fools.

Oh, well...thanks for introducing me to this fantastic object!


Some people hate anything that's out of their comfort zone I guess. Such a shame, it's a gorgeous monument.

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