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November 03, 2015


Charles Vincent

Cool. Are people reading these in digital or print?


I'm reading in print, personally. I'm old school like that.


How is your French? There's a bunch of European "bandes dessinées" albums that take their inspiration from the occult-related terrain of the Folkloric; the Grimlein Lederwant series written and illustrated by Makyo springs to mind, most of the work by Didier Comès, Daniel Hulet, too, and of course Alejandro Jodorowsky's output always taps from the rich well of Tarot symbolism (the Incal series, drawn by the late great Moebius a fine example). Finally, allow me to praise american artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones whose I'm Age strips from the 80's are not in any way occultic but in the fine rendering of its hieratically posed characters combined with surrealist/absurd dialogues is truly magical.

Sorry to go on at length.

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