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October 02, 2015


Martha Mountain

Have you read Kevin Hearne's IRON DRUID series? Great fun.


You are probably aware of the novels of Charles Williams?All Hallow's Eve, The Greater Trumps, &c, they're tinged with Christian morality but in matters Occult, he knew whereof he wrote, like W.B. Yeats, whose handful of occult novellas likewise craft a very convincing atmosphere of the otherworldly and its hazards.
Also James Blish's Black Easter/Faust Aleph Null...

Don't usually comment here, as there's hardly point in complimenting you upon every single interesting book or exhibition you point out for us- there's too many.

Thank you


Thanks so much for the literary recommendation. Will be tracking down Powers' work, for sure!
I can very much relate to your assessment of "magickal fiction"- there's so little out there that feels authentic or passionately rendered. While it can come off as snobbish, I figure, with the vast ocean of literature out there right now, why not be picky?
So here's a recommendation: Have you ever read John Crowley's work? I'm frequently surprised by the occult-y folks I know who've never heard of him, considering his namesake.
In any case, he writes magickal fiction with such an easy, natural veracity. Even without a predilection towards the occult, you can read his novel "Little, Big" and fall in love. But with an ear attuned to the symbols, concepts, and deeper meanings, you will find a truly singular work. He renders these subtle messages without waving it in the reader's face, and conveys an intuitive understanding of the world of spirits, myth and magick.
If you havn't read it, I'd highly recommend that one! Bet you'd get something out of it, and any of J. Crowley's work.
Thanks again for your work here on the blog and best wishes,


Thank you for these great recs! I loved Little, Big, definitely need to check out his other works. Have heard of Williams, but haven't read any yet, and the rest of the names are new to me. Will definitely check all of this out. EXCITING.


Hello, thanks for the recommendation (both the book here and the countless other beautiful works you feature). In my opinion, two of the finest works of literature along these lines are Alan Moore's "Voice of The Fire"
and "Satan Wants Me" by Robert Irwin.
Irwin's novella "The Limits of Vision" is pretty stunning as well.

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