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August 03, 2009


John Coulthart

Oddly enough I was thinking of this over the weekend while watching Patrick Bokanowski's L'Ange. Mention should perhaps be made of writer (he wrote the novel Polanski's The Tenant is based on) and artist Roland Topor whose drawings provided the basis for the FP's characters and landscapes. I still kick myself for not buying a big book of Topor's work I saw at a book market in Paris. You can see him acting briefly as the giggling Renfield in Werner Herzog's Nosferatu.

Laloux made another interesting science fiction film, Time Masters (Les MaƮtres du temps) which has designs throughout by Moebius. Not as original or strange as Fantastic Planet but still worth a watch if you can find a copy. Nice that FP is available on DVD but others are hard to find; I'm still waiting to see Taxandria, a semi-animated feature by Belgian Raoul Servais.


Hey, John: Wow, thanks for all the great info. That's cool you were thinking about Fantastic Planet, a nice little synchronicity that. I'll definitely take your advice and hunt down L'Ange and Time Masters, both sound super cool.


yes. love it.

Will @ A Journey Round My Skull

Pam, I'm a big fan of the movie too. I also like the killer soundtrack, which I bought on vinyl to ogle the gatefold sleeve artwork. It's been reissued a few times recently.

I really need to see Time Masters.

John, the German book "Topor, Tod und Teufel" is a bargain even with postage (it's big and full color): Another Topor collector pointed me to it saying it was the best book available.

Kristen Miller

wow - totally nutty I just watched this film for the first time two weeks ago! Completely inspired me to continue in my animation craft. Thank you for the other film recommendations made by John - looking forward to 'consuming' them!


I know exactly what you mean, I walked around in a daze for days after seeing FP, it's so....well, there's just no words

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