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October 25, 2007


jonathan Polkest

I agree, the papercuts are completely enthralling but they imbue a great presence in the spatial reality of the gallery and the live public platform, when work is so involved it is often lost in the technique but these are resonant images full of powerful echoes and symbols.

Vaucanson's Duck

I'm just curious, have you ever seen the children's books by Peggy Rathmann? I am thinking in particular about The Day the Babies Crawled Away, which is a masterpiece of paper cutting akin to the most spectacular Chinese fishbowl, or Thai Buddhist woodcarving. What impresses me most is the subtle feats of replication she achieves, where characters are recognizable figures from page to page.

Anyhow, great work on the blog, I love your discoveries and have been reading it for a while. Thanks for just being out there!


Hey there: I've not heard of her, but will definitely check her out now. Thanks so much for the kind words. Your blog is great, too!

David Jones

I am curating a show at the Beaumaris Art Festival and would like to have Anna Howarth's email.

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