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July 09, 2007



Oh my goodness. I can feel myself going broke already. It's probably around $10, right?


In the states it usually retails for $14.99... Expensive, but a real treat.


Do you know where I could find the 3 previous issues?


I'm afraid I don't...


oh. i absolutely love lula. i even included the magazine in an essay on modern fashion photography. i can't wait for the next issue..


The new issue came out today in London! It's beautiful!


Ooooh, I wonder when it comes out in the states...


hi Everyone. Does anyone know where the history of Lula can be on the internet? It is not on Wikipedia but other 2 times a year magazines from England are there. But Not Lula. How can I find historical infos? I want to write a paper for my College.


Love the New Lula Magazine! and for the people wondering if it came out Here in the U.S you could find it at Barnes & Noble!!!

Loves it!

sheri-Lea Kujan

please tell me where i can buy the other issues??


You said it can be ordered online, please tell me how and where?



Is it a bi-monthly or quarterly magazine? Thanks


Lula comes out twice a year.


May I know it comes out in which 2 months? Thanks


In Fall and in Spring - not sure exactly which months.


Hey I recently bought the Lula Magazine at Magazine Cafe in New York City. They also have an online website

Looks like a rather interesting issue..

Fashionable Earth

LOVE IT !! THANK YOU !! and we also posted the spell video:

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