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March 10, 2006



How did you become familiar with Mir's work?


I was actually looking up a different artist, which brought me to the Rare Gallery's web site, where a few of Mir's paintings are shown. His work totally knocked me out, so I'm thrilled to have found him. -Pam

your sister, known to you as Emmy

wow, Pam....what great questions...I am so impressed at your interviewing skills. I liked the painting. Really cool stuff. You're neato. Who raised you? Must have been some cool folks!


Pam - that's the shit. You did your research. Good job! (Sigmar Polke is the artist for whom my ex-b.f.'s dog is named, incidentally).


I think you are really amazing at this- love your questions- especially the superstitious one- how did you get in touch with the artists to interview?


Thanks, Suzannah! Thus far the artists were all kind enough to have emailed me after they've seen that I have written about them.

alix redmonde

I am lucky enough to be able to own a beautifil painting by Mr.Mir.
I attended the silent auction at a benefit for homeless animals, in New Haven Ct, and was moved by a painting of a cat.
It is a whymsical, somewhat haunting painting and I shall cherish it always.
Even more so now that I know that Mr. Mir adopted the cat.
Christopher. Mir Paint beautiful pictures that tell a story.

Alix Redmonde
Editor, Men's Exercise Magazine and Exercise for Men Only.


Lucky! His work is glorious.

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