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August 28, 2009


John Coulthart

I love this film, love all of Paradjanov's work. Unfortunately, the Kino DVD shown above--which I also own, incidentally--does it no service. His films really need to be reissued by someone like Criterion. I bought all the Kino Paradjanov's and they're all inferior to copies I taped from TV screenings; washed out, scratchy prints and terrible subtitles.

Sorry to blight your post with a rant but unless this release has been improved I feel people should be warned. He's one of my favourite filmmakers of all, and it was good of Kino to include a documentary on the disc, but his work really deserves better treatment. His film before this one, Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors is also essential viewing, and unlike any film by anyone else. In that he eschews the tableaux presentation of his later work for a series of very stylised scenes (some in black-and-white, others in rich colour) with some extraordinary drifting camera movements. Impossible to describe if you haven't seen it. Try and see these at a cinema.


Hey, John. I agree with you 100% on color. It's very uneven and I actually googled "Color of Pomegranates Criterion" myself, just to see if there were any plans. As with Prospero's Books, this seems to be another visual feast which Criterion doesn't seem to be attached to any time soon. Pretty tragic. Still, I loved the images, and after a while I just got used to the coloring. I still think it is worth viewing even in its not-ideal state. We'll just have to hope for the future.

John Coulthart

I should have said after my bout of spleen that at least these films are available in some form. So people who haven't experienced Paradjanov's unique art can get some idea of why he's so highly-regarded.


Juno Reactor used these images in their music video "God is God".

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